Jade Purple Brown Ankle Socks

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Color is a universal language. The artist Jade Purple Brown uses vibrant colors to create new, dynamic worlds of individuality and empowerment. In these new socks, her color-coded message couldn’t be more clear: she wants to create joy. When you choose to wear that joy, you’re not only choosing to wear socks that bring softness and joy to your every step, you’re choosing to share the joy with those around you. It's a subtle but powerful mindset you can wear and show off to the world.

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Extra-Long Staple Cotton

A premium fiber that’s soft, durable, and smooth against your skin. It shrinks minimally in the wash and will hold up wear after wear.

Cushioned Footbed

Extreme comfort and extra support for your soles.

Honeycomb Arch Support System

Our Honeycomb Support System cradles the arch of your foot, like a firm but comfortable hug around your midfoot.

1 Purchased

1 Donated

One Purchased = One Donated™

Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, so we donate 1 pair of socks for every pair purchased. From the beginning, the Bombas mission has been to contribute to the homeless community and encourage others to get involved.

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One Purchased = One Donated™

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