Landing Page Coaching: Training Modules

Learn how to grow your ecommerce store using Landing Pages. Get weekly live group coaching + 1:1 feedback on the pages you build.

Module 1: Intro to Landing Pages

What Are Landing Pages

Why Are They Important?

How Landing Pages Fit Into Your Store

Module 2: 3 Types of Pages

Sales/Offer Pages



Module 3: Common Elements of LPs

Social Proof

Comparing Your Solution To A Different Type of Solution

Comparing Your Solution To A Competitor's

How It Works Section

Strong Guarantee

Explanation Of What Customer Gets When They Buy

Module 4: Top 3 Opportunities

Highly Optimized Above The Fold

Fast Load Speed

Irresistible Offer

Module 5: Testing System

A/B Testing Schedule

How To Change Each Element

Benefits Of This Schedule

Module 6: Testing Guide

How To Build A Test

How Long To Run Test

Troubleshooting Resources

Module 7: Using Replo To Build Better Landing Pages

Replo Experts Program

Expansive Template Library (All Mobile Optimized!)

Using Replo AI to 10X Landing Page Creation

Module 8: How To Structure Your Conversion Funnel

Importance of Mapping Out Your Funnel

Thinking about your touchpoints holistically

How to use data to improve your funnels

Questions? Reach out to Sanjay in the Private Coaching Slack Group In The Reploverse Slack